JCM on Tour

JCM on Tour

The JCM tour is well underway – see below dates for the first leg. Many thanks to Stuart Hirst for the below photos taken live at The Stables, Wavendon and Robin 2, Wolverhampton. Read a fantastic review of the latter here.

JCM “Heroes” Tour 2018

Wed. 18.04. Marburg, KFZ
Thu. 19.04. Bensheim, Musiktheater Rex
Fri. 20.04. Karlsruhe, Tollhaus
Sat. 21.04. Winterbach, Lehenbachhalle
Sun. 22.04. Bonn, Harmonie
Thu. 26.04. Göttingen, Musa
Fri. 27.04. Hamburg, Fabrik
Sat. 28.04. Hannover-Isernhagen, Blues Garage
Sun. 29.04. Dortmund, Piano
Mon. 30.04. Worpswede, Musichall
Wed. 09.05. Freiburg, Jazzhaus
Thu. 10.05. Koblenz, Café Hahn
Fr. 11.05. Erfurt, Gewerkschaftshaus
Sat. 12.05. Affalter, Zur Linde
Sun. 13.05. Kassel, Theaterstübchen
Wed. 16.05. A-Salzburg, Rockhouse
Thu. 17.05. Nürnberg, Hirsch
Fr. 18.05. Wissen, Kulturwerk
Sat. 19.05. Offenbach, KJK Sandgasse
Sun. 20.05. Torgau, Kulturbastion
Wed. 23.05. CZ-Prague, Lucerna Music Bar
Thu. 24.05. CZ-Usti Nad Labem, Narodni Dum

2 Responses

  1. Colin & Jenny Fullbrook says:

    Well done fellas. Hope the rest of the tour is as successfull.

  2. Mark Shackelford says:

    Just got the new CD. Tingles down the spine and tears in the eyes…
    Triggers fabulous memories of the glory days of the late 60s and early 70s.

    Do come and play near us (in West Sussex) at some point… we’ve had the total and utter pleasure of Barbara Thompson’s stunning saxophone concerto played by the local Worthing Symphony Orchestra (and the amazing Jess Gillam too!)

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