Parkinson’s: Another Reprieve

Parkinson's: Another Reprieve

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“Goodbye to Pills!”

A Parkinson’s medication called ‘DuoDopa’ is currently helping me to lead a more normal life.  For the first time since I was diagnosed with Parkinson 18 years ago, I sleep the whole night through – what a luxury!   I started the new treatment in September just gone, and already people are commenting on how much better I look.  DuoDopa was developed in Scandinavia 20 years ago and is the most natural way of delivering levadopa to the brain. A pump supplies the drug via a tiny tube directly into the duodenum, this bypasses the effect that the stomach can have on most oral drugs, and means that I can get a very smooth delivery for over 12 hours a day. It’s made a big difference already – I am much more comfortable and am starting to play the saxophone again on a daily basis which I am enjoying enormously.

You’ll be pleased to know that I am easing my way back into public performance. There are even plans for me to play at 2 medical conventions, one in Oslo and one closer to home in Hammersmith in order to demonstrate the effects of the new medication. I am now star of stage, screen and medical convention! But seriously, I hope to be able to champion effective treatments for Parkinson’s sufferers now and in the future.

On Saturday just gone I attended Clarinet Trio Trifarious’ concert at St Martin’s Church, Epsom, where they gave a rousing performance of my concerto ‘Russian Roulette’. See the second movement ‘Spin’ performed in this YouTube Video.

My daughter Ana Gracey will be singing next Friday, 6th December at the 606 club with Stefan Redtenbacher’s Funkestra – from 9.30pm. See you there!

11 Responses

  1. Zdenek from Czech Republic says:

    Congratulaions Barbara , I hope you feeel better now.
    What about new Collosseum album Anno Domini?
    With memories of your outstanding concert with Colosseum in Prague 2010

  2. eric says:

    Happy to hear good news! I hope for 2014 Colosseum tour and new album “Anno Domini”

  3. Peter Cornish says:

    that’s great news i hope to bump imto you and Jon down at casa nostra again sometime soon ….

  4. Bill Cox says:

    Hi Barbara
    So glad to hear things are getting better for you, and really pleased you are getting back to playing again.
    You may not remember doing a session for my band “Jackdaw” at Advision studios back in 1976 while we were making our album. Regrettably the album did not get released owing to greedy management. I thought I would enclose a copy of the rough mix featuring you playing a lovely solo on this track 04 – Who are you.mp3.
    Stay well !!

    Kindest regards

    Buffalobill Cox (singer & sax player)

  5. Jennifer Moffett says:

    That’s great, Barbara that the new treatment is making you feel so much better, get a good night’s sleep and even play the saxophone again.

  6. Dave Norman says:

    Really great news, Barbara ! I hope you continue to improve more with the new treatment, each day. I’d just like to say, we caught the documentary when it first aired on the BBC, and found it very emotional and inspiring. All the best to you and Jon for the future X

  7. Silvio says:

    I’m locking so forward to our next collosseum journey !!
    All the best wishes to you and john!

    The Collosseum Familly Buzz Driva

  8. Elizabeth Meadows says:

    Really thrilled for you, Barbara, and how exciting that you are managing to play the saxophone,
    I have tremendous admiration for you and Jon and how you have managed these last few years. Tell Ana the website is great. Lisbet x

  9. Miro Bevelaqua says:

    Great web…Girl I cross fingers for you…how about some Colosseum tour
    Have a great time

  10. Hallo Barbara !
    I´m very glad to hear those good news.I wish all the best for the Future.
    Me and my friends look forward to hear from you again, perhaps also with Colosseum.
    Long time ago we met in Aachen (germany) in the MALTESERKELLER ,an old Jazzclub, and also in the Jakobshof.
    Best regards Martin

  11. Wonderful to read this. Coincidentally, (and though we’ve never met) I was thinking of you and Jon just recently, wondering how things are. I’ve followed Jon’s career since his ‘Bare Wires’ days and along the way was introduced to your music. I love hearing you do you own thing as well as with Colosseum, so I do hope this new treatment sees you soon treading the boards once again with both. All the best…from Canada.

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