On the Road Again…

On the Road Again...

2014 is already proving to be a very special year with many varied projects on the go. It seems that being a Parkinson sufferer provides even more opportunities for playing and writing my music.

Jon and I have been invited to several neurological conventions specialising in Parkinson and movement disorders to give talks from our different viewpoints – him as carer and myself as sufferer, at one of which I performed a 10 minute saxophone solo… The fact that I was diagnosed 18 years ago and am back to playing as a result of taking Duodopa gives the drug companies faith in marketing  their new medication. This year we’ve already taken part in a convention with an audience of 350 sales delegates for AbbVie.  There are three more coming up – Birmingham on 28 February – Orlando, Florida on 4 May, and eighth of June in Stockholm. Stockholm should be interesting as I have been asked to join forces with a Swedish singer called Suzzie Tapper. She’s an incredible singer so I’m really looking forward to working with her.

Apart from this, a concert with United Jazz and Rock Ensemble II has been booked in Stuttgart on July 17th at Mercedes Forum.  It’s now confirmed – Colosseum will play a 4 week tour commencing the last week of October ’14. We will play Germany/Switzerland/Austria/Hungary/Italy/Czech Republic.
Dates are being booked now – watch this space for more details.

Wishing you all the very best,

Barbara xox

5 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    I am looking forward enormously to see you in autumn. Hope the new album is also finished till there.
    Best regards to everybody.

  2. John Magill says:

    Thrilled that Colosseum will be back on the road again, hopefully promoting a new album, but can we please have some UK dates this time? Haven’t seen you since DHS’s memorial in 2006. Too long!

  3. TomaSz says:

    Great news, always welcome to hear – both with respect to Parkinson issue and coming back to touring with Colosseum.
    Any chance of coming to Poland again?

  4. Miro Bevelaqua says:

    Great Barbara….Colosseum tour!

  5. Barrie Audis says:

    Wonderful news Barbara, 18 years is a long time, saw your documentary on TV brilliant gave me faith in recovering from the big C. Saw Paraphernalia many many years ago Lincoln Art School and Colosseum a few years ago in Worcester. First time in Grimsby with James Litherhand( the first lineup). See Chris with Norman Beaker Band on and off such a great singer. Looking forward to the Robin at Bilston Great News When I have my car serviced i always ask for “a lighter grade of oil” I think that was an instrumental! Keep that Rope ladder to the Moon swinging!!!!

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