Barbara Thompson

  • Barbara Thompson's Concerto for 3 Saxophones

    Barbara Thompson’s Concerto for 3 Saxophones

    Performed at the World Saxophone Congress on the 9th July 2015 with the Orchestra Philharmonique de Strasbourg, the Concerto is in three movements.

  • The Sky's the Limit

    The Sky’s the Limit

    The Sky’s The Limit composed by Barbara Thompson, performed by Jess Gillam, finalist BBC 'Young Musician of the Year' 2016

  • Jazz Rock and Marriage 1979

    Jazz Rock and Marriage 1979

    Mike Dibb’s film of the life, careers and music of Jon and Barbara finds them at home and on the road, including the Bracknell Jazz Festival performance.

  • Barbara Thompson: Playing Against Time

    Barbara Thompson: Playing Against Time

    The feature-length BBC documentary about Barbara's inspiring and creative struggle with Parkinson's disease.

  • Little Annie-Ooh

    Little Annie-Ooh

    Dedicated to Barbara's daughter Ana Gracey (not so little anymore!). Played by Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia. From "The Jazz Series" early 1980's

  • SPIN from 'Russian Roulette'

    SPIN from ‘Russian Roulette’

    Trifarious plays the second movement from Barbara Thompson's 'Russian Roulette' written especially for the ensemble in 2013 and premiered at The Forge, Camden on 15th May 2013.

  • Double Trouble

    Double Trouble

    A Duet for Tuba by Barbara Thompson

  • Green


    The 4th of 6 movements from Barbara Thompson's saxophone quartet suite 'From Darkness into Light'.

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