Barbara Thompson’s Paraphernalia with NYJO - Bulletproof

Barbara Thompson’s Paraphernalia with NYJO – Bulletproof

Seminal British jazz-rock band Barbara Thompson’s Paraphernalia join forces with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NYJO) for a new studio album featuring 10 original compositions from the virtuoso saxophonist, composer and bandleader Barbara Thompson MBE. The line-up includes the remaining able members of Paraphernalia – Pete Lemer on keyboards, Billy Thompson on violin, and Dave ‘Taif’ Ball on bass – who join forces with 17 phenomenal players from the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.

“What a lovingly constructed recording. A great tribute to one of the finest drummers ever by one of the best sax players ever – and her family. It matters not a jot that Barbara doesn’t actually play on the album because her creativity runs through the music which is a fitting tribute to two musicians who contributed so valuably to Jazz in general.”

Mark Ringwood, Radio Broadcaster

Full Track Listing available HERE

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