Remembering Jon Hiseman

Remembering Jon Hiseman

Legendary drummer Jon Hiseman died in the early hours of Tuesday, 12th June 2018 in Sutton, England aged 73, leaving his wife, saxophonist and composer Barbara Thompson, his daughter, singer Ana Gracey and his son, financier Marcus Hiseman, along with four grandchildren.

The cause of death was complications of surgery that he underwent in May 2018 to remove a brain tumour. Jon had lived in Sutton, a suburb of London, before entering hospice care there.

“…he left a huge void in the lives of family, friends, fellow musicians and all those he had met and inspired during a lifetime of dedication to music.”

Extract from rock music critic and author Chris Welch’s Tribute to Jon Hiseman

In the last year of his life, Jon Hiseman formed JCM, a trio with the Colosseum members Clem Clempson, on guitar, and Mark Clarke, on bass. The group made an album, “Heroes,” that contained music written by former collaborators Hiseman had outlived, among them Jack Bruce, Allan Holdsworth, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Graham Bond and Ollie Halsall. Ironically, the album will become a tribute to Hiseman himself.

JCM began a tour in April 2018, but cancelled it as the brain tumour advanced. Mark and Clem intend to continue touring in his memory. Check the JCM website for news

Please continue to support Jon Hiseman’s legacy by purchasing his book “Playing the Band” and recordings here

There is little consolation for losing such a wonderful man but the many stories that his friends and fans have told us have given us so much comfort. With that in mind we have set up an online ‘Book of Remembrance’ so folks can continue to pay tribute to him.

Sign Jon Hiseman’s Book of Remembrance

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