Clem Clempson

Guitarist Clem Clempson ft Chris Farlowe

(above Guitarist Clem Clempson with vocalist Chris Farlowe at the Star Club 50th Year Anniversary Show, April 21st, 2012)


Clem Clempson (born David Clempson, 5 September 1949, Tamworth, Staffordshire, England) is an English rock guitarist who has played as a member in a number of bands including Colosseum and Humble Pie.

Clem Clempson in Humble Pie, 1973

Clem Clempson in Humble Pie, 1973

Clempson began his career in the late 1960s with the power trio, Bakerloo (originally The Bakerloo Blues Line), playing blues-rock. In 1969, he joined Colosseum, until they disbanded in 1971, but re-joined to form a reunion version of the band in 1994, and has continued to perform with them since that time. After Colosseum’s split he went on to join Humble Pie in 1971, replacing Peter Frampton. When the band split in 1975 he and Greg Ridley joined drummer Cozy Powell to form Strange Brew. During this period, Clempson auditioned for Deep Purple but lost to Tommy Bolin. Although he played in Marriott’s All Stars he opted not to join the reformed Humble Pie in 1980.

Clempson has appeared as a guest musician with Jack Bruce, Billy Cobham and Dave Sancious, Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Bob Dylan, Chris de Burgh and Jon Anderson.

Credits extend into scores for many films, most notably Evita, G.I. Jane, Lawn Dogs, and Tomorrow Never Dies. Clempson was also called upon by the Oscar-winning composer Trevor Jones for arrangements for the 1999 romantic comedy film, Notting Hill.

Up until summer 2012 he played as a member of the Hamburg Blues Band after which time he formed The Clem Clempson Band which started touring at the end of February 2013 in Braunschweig, Germany. Among others the band include Adrian Askew from Hamburg Blues Band with Chris Farlowe on vocals.