Omission in “Time On Our Side” Booklet

Omission in
Colosseum in Vienna, 2014 – Photo © W. Gonaus

Incredibly I forgot to mention in the booklet info who is singing what on the Album.

While all the reviews we have seen so far have been great, some reviewers are obviously confused, praising Chris’s dulcet tones correctly most of the time, but also for his fine performances on ‘Anno Domini’ and Mark’s ballad, ’Nowhere to be found’.

So let’s sort this out:

  • Chris sings lead on Safe As Houses, Dicks Licks, You Just Don’t Get It and Morning Story.
  • Chris shares the lead with Ana Gracey on Blues to Music.
  • Chris sings the lead on The Way You Waved Goodbye with chorus leads by Clem and Mark
  • Marks sings the opening vocals on City of Love with Chris taking the lead on the half-time bluesy sections.
  • Clem sings lead on New Day with back up by Mark
  • Mark sings lead on Anno Domini and Nowhere To Be Found.
  • Mark sings lead on the first part of the verses on Morning Story and while Chris sings most of the rest, Mark and Clem sing backup at the end over the Barbara’s sax.

It’s much more complicated than I realised – lets hope I have got it right….

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2 Responses

  1. Zdeněk says:

    Thank you for fantastic concert in Kunovice Czech Republic!

  2. john m says:

    The diversity in the vocals adds to the album and Farlowe still bellows in tune with awesome power. A real old pro. I think it’s the best of the three albums since the reformation. Hope to hear a live and maybe extended version of Dick’s Licks at the Bush next year?

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